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The way super hit ‘See Tinh’ became a global sensation

The appeal of the original ‘See Tinh’ hit resonated with the cool remixes and trending dance videos of the TikTok community, which made ‘See Tinh’ spread around the world.

The group DTAP and Hoang Thuy Linh, the owner of the “hit” See Tinh.

‘See Tinh’, a work of DTAP producer group, with the performance of female singer Hoang Thuy Linh, has been released since 2022. After 11 months, ‘See Tinh’ has reached 42 million views on YouTube.

The remix ‘See Tinh’ of the Cukak producer group, which was released on YouTube by BH Media shortly after, also achieved the same success. Up to this point, the remix has reached 35 million views on YouTube, contributing to the spread of the original ‘See Tinh’.

Thanks to the help of the Douyin community (Chinese domestic version of TikTok), the Cukak group’s remix ‘See Tinh’ became extremely “hot”. And this remix only really became a “virus” that created a fever in many countries when it was released by BH Media on global TikTok.

Singer Hoang Thuy Linh

The trend of dancing to ‘See Tinh’ of Asian and European Tiktokers helped the remix of ‘See Tinh’ reach 10 billion views on TikTok and millions of users making dance videos.

Previously, BH Media released Hung Hack’s ‘Last Chrismas’ remix and helped this remix to rank 3rd in China this past Christmas, as well as reaching 4 billion views and 2 million uses on Douyin.

BH Media is currently in the process of negotiating with major labels in the world to be able to buy the rights to foreign hit songs, and at the same time to export Vietnamese music to the world. Currently, BH Media plans to create English, Chinese, and Japanese versions of Vietnamese songs for release on world platforms.