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Singer Jack J97’s new song rocks music charts in Vietnam

With the support of BH Media, on August 10, Jack-J97’s MV ‘Erase My Name’ was released and quickly gained first place on the YouTube trending chart in Vietnam and then also reached the Top 1 YouTube trending for Music.

Jack-J97’s MV surpassed singer V’s (member of the Korean group BTS) ‘Love Me Again’ MV to lead the Top trending Music on YouTube.

After three days of release, Jack’s MV reached the Top 39 most viewed videos within 24 hours of the global YouTube chart. In addition, ‘Erase My Name’ also ranked No. 1 on the charts of Itune, Zing Chat, and My Music.

‘Erase My Name’ has quite short lyrics, but is still very addictive thanks to Jack’s forte rap melody and emotional singing style.

Jack-97’s crew revealed that H212 is the beatmaker and mix-master for ‘Erase My Name’.

‘Erase My Name’ was one of the songs from the album ’26’, marking the 26-year-old milestone of Jack-J97. Album ’26’ includes six songs, expected to be released later this year.

Previously, Jack-J97 released MV ‘Trinh Gia’, which also reached YouTube’s top trend and was positively received by the audience.

Both MVs ‘Erase My Name’ and ‘Trinh Gia’ by Jack-J97 are supported and released by BH Media.