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BH Media brings Asian films to Vietnamese audiences

Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong (China) has tried its best to bring many great blockbuster films to attract audiences back to the cinemas. Their efforts paid off with many successes at the box office, and producers from around the world were motivated to bring back international film fairs, in search of international cooperation opportunities.

Filmart 2023 attracts more than 600 content producers and companies from 25 countries and territories.

Filmart 2023 is one of Asia’s largest entertainment content fairs that took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (China) from March 13 to 16, 2023. This film fair has many activities such as film screenings, seminars, international cooperation exchanges, etc.

Ms. Lam Oanh, Business Director of BH Media with the Director and CEO of Broadcast Bright Media Company.

BH Media attends Filmart 2023 aiming to find good content for Vietnamese audiences and at the same time bring unique Vietnamese content to the world market, especially the Chinese market.

Sales Director of BH Media, Ms. Lam Oanh, and representatives of Joys Media, Aifay Animation, Win Sing, and App Ivy.

BH Media has connected with Jia Ping Pictures, Aifay Animation, Reesee, Beijing Reliable Media, Sen Yu, Hope Marketing Entertainment, Mega Media, Premiere Entertainment Group, TBS, Kino Film, CineTel Films, MVP Picture…


It is expected that in 2023, BH Media will continue to bring many Asian films to serve domestic audiences.