Content business on social media

BH Media is a leader in the digital content industry in Vietnam. Therefore, buying and selling only the best licensed content on social networks is our number one goal and a substantial advantage of working with our company. BH Media selects only the best content in entertainment, movies, music, kids’ content, news, and sports… BH Media uses social networking platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Tiktok to gain traction in e-commerce.


BH Media holds copyrights and owns an extensive content catalog with a large assortment of genres such as movies, music, kids’ content, news, and sports, … bringing hundreds of billions of views from a wide range of audiences. Up to now, prominent brands under BH Media can be followed, such as BH Kids, BH Music, BH Phim Hay,….



BH Media is one of the few certified partners of YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok in Vietnam, owning 450 YouTube channels and 112 Facebook and TikTok pages with diverse content. With a Youtube Diamond Button from the channel “Kenh Thieu Nhi – BHMEDIA” and hundreds of Gold and Silver Buttons, BH Media has proven itself as a leading competitor in the industry and a trusted business partner.



BH Media provides optimal communication solutions and creative marketing campaigns to help build strong social media channels for artists, content producers, and domestic and foreign businesses. With a staff that is experienced and knowledgeable about the market and its latest trends, BH Media can produce and creatively edit to help partners have high-quality, viral video products.



Every month, BH Media has billions of views worldwide and can provide the most optimal revenue stream on all social networking platforms.

BH Media’s Partners


  • Becoming a member of BH Media will bring YouTubers several benefits:

    • Verified video and content copyrighting
    • Significant increase in revenue
    • Support to set up and activate verification tick for your page and channel 
    • Access to some features in the channel/page that you can only see when you join the Network.
    • Supported in-depth media analysis, such as optimizing channels/videos…
    • Help in building a community to optimize channel views and increase revenue through videos and content shared widely in the Network.
    • Get direct support from Youtube experts

  • If you have good content, respect for the copyright issue, or currently have a good channel, inbox us immediately, or call the hotline for support to join the Network to help maximize your revenue.

    Joining the Network is to maximize your revenue when working with BH Media.

  • When detecting cases of violation and posting your products illegally, BH Media will promptly handle to protect your content copyright and minimize unnecessary copyright disputes. At the same time, BH Media will guarantee revenue and help you collect lost income when a third party infringes your content.

  • If you join BH Media Network, we will help you register the copyright of your works and products (music, movies, trademarks, …). In addition, self-developed software by BH Media can detect infringement on unauthorized content on all social media platforms.

    In addition, Content ID and Rights Manager – two powerful tools on YouTube and Facebook- can also help detect violations and handle them promptly, ensuring no partner revenue loss. BH Media is one of the few companies with access to the Client Support Portal to receive direct and fastest help from Facebook’s support team.

  • Being famous can help you get a good amount of views on your channel/page, but joining the BH Media Network will help you professionally optimize your revenue as well as authenticate and protect your copyrighted content. Plus, you can get help resolving unnecessary disputes, developing and protecting your personal image and brand, and helping with content implementation. Another advantage when participating in our Network is that you are supported to receive funding or reach out to businesses or advertising entities for video creation projects to have the best results.

  • Many YouTube users do not understand or misunderstand the copyright notices from YouTube. Even the press often has confusion and incorrect usage of words when referring to copyright strikes on YouTube. Most cannot distinguish between a copyright strike and a notice to confirm the content rights in the video through Content ID. Let’s find out the difference between these two concepts in this article.